2002 KRONAN Sculpture Park

Artists from around the world gathered for the third time at the sculpture symposium, and the resulting three works are displayed in Kronan Sculpture Park. Steel and stone were both used, with two of the sculptors mixing the materials in their work.

Participants :

Pilar Aldana-Mendez, Colombia.

Pilar Aldana-Mendez expresses small concepts with large-scale sculptures. She has taken part in a number of international exhibitions and is represented by some 20 sculptures in parks and museums around the world. Here in Luleå, she mixes stone and steel in her sculpture “Casa en el aire”. The actual steel construction measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 metres and is placed on 4, 2.4-metre tall stone pillars. Total height 3,9 metre.

Petr Riha, Check Republic.

Petr Riha, artist and professor at the academy of art in Prague has a number of international exhibitions and honours to his name; he is also the world champion in snow sculpture. Petr’s sculpture “Par” consists of two figures leaning against each other to form a portal. His sculpture is mostly in steel with details in stone.

Chan-Kab Park, South Korea.

Chan-Kab Park worked with a 13.2-ton red granite stone for his sculpture “Arirang – The sun rises in the east”. The sculpture is about the harmony between heaven, earth and man. He has 275 exhibitions behind him, in his homeland as well as in Japan, Denmark, France, the USA, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, etc. He has a separate exhibition at the Louvre in Paris!

The sculptors were assisted by Pilar De Burgos, metal sculptor who is also involved in the project management; Susanne Holmberg, stone sculptor; Thomas Persson, welder from SSAB; and Pavla Rihova who assists Petr Riha. The project manager is Ricky Sandberg.

The sponsors are:
  • SSAB
  • Stena Stål
  • Quality Hotel Luleå
  • WSP (formerly J&W)
  • Kronan
  • Carlssons lastmaskiner i Luleå AB

The International Sculpture Symposium is part of a bigger project known as LICA and is run with backing from EU Structural Funds, the Municipality of Luleå, the County Administrative Board of the BD County, Kulturarbetsförmedlingen (cultural employment agency), the County Council of Norrbotten and the Swedish Institute. The aim of the project is to promote art in Luleå by developing international sculptural exchanges and giving Luleå’s residents and visitors an interesting place to visit.

Pilar Aldana-Mendez